Why should I join Anand Prakassh Educational Academyas opposed to other institutions that offer coaching for IIT JEE / AIEEE?

Please read the vision statement on why you should join our course. Also go through the download section. We believe that it is one of the most reasonably priced coaching options, considering what we have to offer.

You don’t have a history for producing results. Isn't there a risk in joining your course?

Anand Prakassh Educational academy has been giving excellent results in the region. To confirm please visit our ACHIEVER’S page. There are three ingredients to a good result: intrinsic potential or capability of the student, willingness to work hard, and good teachers. Many reputed institutes conduct an entrance exam to identify and incentivize the best students to join them. We do not believe in the same and give equal opportunity to all students to grow. Visit our Director’s page to understand more about the institute.

What is the difference between reading books on my own, and joining your coaching?

For a given subject, many books are available. Each differs on what topics are covered and how they are covered - e.g. one book may not cover a topic; or it may cover a topic by stating the main points, without logically developing the subject matter; or it may explain the topic well, but lack good numerical problems. To study on your own for JEE Main and Advanced, you have to read multiple books on each subject, and then assimilate the relevant information from each one. This is a time consuming and daunting task for a Class 11/12 student.