• Gurjeet Singh

    Anand Prakassh Educational Academy is the best place for learning.

  • Swastik Jena

    Anand Prakassh Educational Academy is one of the best institution of the world. I have been studying here since 2014. I found that the facilities which this institution gives no one else can give. You can not find the best faculties like here. The faculties are so polite and are very good in explaining things and clearing doubts. I was not good in studies but when I joined Anand Prakassh Educational Academy I saw a drastic change in myself. I think every faculty should be like Bansal Mam and others in this institute. You can not find any institute like Anand Prakassh Educational Academy. I like all the faculties of this institute.

  • Abhinav Bansal

    Studying in Anand Educational Academy is like a dream come true because it gives me a perfect opportunity to learn what I exactly want to pursue. The campus is lively and filled with chances to fulfil my goals. The lecturers are not only friendly but also industry experienced so that we can learn from their amazing experiences right away.

  • Aditi Sehgal

    Anand Educational Academy is the best academy to attend. There are so many great facilities which help improve our academic skills and help with our professional progress. All the staff members and lecturers are very, very helpful.

  • Prachi Singh

    Anand Educational Academy has helped me understand various topics in a very simple way. Today what my progress is can be attributed to Anand Educational Academy

  • Mayank Chaurasia

    Anand Prakassh Educational Academy gave me a wonderful platform to improve my abilities. The regular test helped me to push my hard work to the limit. Classes were full of enthusiasm and competition which is very important to improve your skills. I am in this position because of my subject understandings and concept. I owe my thankfulness to Anand Prakassh Educational Academy.

  • Tripti Singh

    Got an excellent environment to study

  • Sanchita Verma

    After joining Anand Prakassh Educational Academy my answering skills have improved. My confidence level has improved. This institution is a place which will help me to reach my goal. Before coming to this institute I was a simple student who did not know her talent but now I am able to think intelligently and have started scoring maximum marks.

  • Somesh Kumar Kashyap

    I am really lucky to get Anand Prakassh Educational Academy as my guiding coaching center. The atmosphere of the classes is very peaceful and comfortable.Teaching staff is well qualified and well experienced. I am glad to receive my education from such teachers as they not only help in academics but often they also give inspirational speech to make the students believe that they can do very well even after considering the enormous competition outside. I have performed well in my exams and I would give its credit to the teachers of the academy especially Mrs. Chanda Bansal, Director of the Academy.

  • Anushka Kataria

    I joined Anand Prakassh Educational Academy in class XI. It had a very positive impact on me. All the concepts were explained by the faculties very nicely and here I learnt the importance of revision and regularity. Revising every day the topics taught helped me to remember the concepts and gain confidence. We solved lots of numericals in class and tests were held every week that way we were exposed to all types of questions and since these were discussed in the class all our doubts used to get cleared here itself. Concepts of Organic Chemistry in special were cleared in such a way that it helped me a lot as even the books could not clear these doubts for me. The Academy helped me a lot during my preparation for AIPMT and other exams.